Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Road Trip To Maine

March 2007:

The prepurchase surveyor of our new to us Cape Dory 36 had noted that the lower end of our rudder was loose due to wear of the brass gudgeon inside the rudder and the stainless pintle. While this was fine for inshore sailing we wanted the boat to be reliable for offshore work. The two proposed methods of repair were to drill and bush the gudgeon or replace the rudder. We figured the thin bushing would just eventually wear out and we would be back where we started but with a bigger drilled out hole. In addition, our marina pointed out that old rudders often have other problems that are yet to show themselves. Robinhood Marine in Maine still makes the Cape Dory 36 on a custom basis. They agreed to make us a new rudder. Spartan Marine also agreed to provide us with a new heel casting and pintle. So in early December we delivered our old rudder to Robinhood Marine to insure that the new rudder would be just like the old one.

In early March, we made a four day road trip from Florida, Maine, Maryland, and back home to pick up our new rudder. It was neat to venture into the frozen North and see how much of the country lives during the winter.

The new rudder, casting, and pintle were very well done. After pick up they were delivered to our marina in Solomons, Maryland where our boat is on the hard for the winter. There they will be installed and the entire bottom and new rudder barrier coated.