Sunday, May 18, 2008


TUESDAY - MAY 6, 2008

Time to buckle down and get stuff done. The anchor was hauled early and we motored the short distance back to the marina.

2.5 NM


MONDAY, MAY 5, 2008

Unfortunately, it is time to head in the direction of our home port (Solomons). We need an extra day at the marina to do chores before we head back to home and work.

Once again the wind was light while we sailed down and across the Bay to the Patuxent River. Since it was a special day for us we did not want to spend the night in the marina so we anchored in the "stomach" of Mill Creek.

Mill Creek is a very protected and reasonably quiet creek, however, it is surrounded by wall to wall homes. Interestingly, the south shore is populated with older and smaller more modest homes while the northern shore is populated with much larger and newer mansions. Many of the bushes and trees on shore were in full flower and their fragrances were blown across the water to us.

26.3 NM


SUNDAY - MAY 4, 2008

The wind was light so we spent part of the morning watching others try out their new boats for the first time while we had our coffee. It obviously was not all fun for them but its takes a while for a newly hatched bird to get its bearings.

Since the wind was only NW @ 5 - 10 knots we had a very lazy sail down the eastern shore to just behind Casson Point in Hudson Creek. Along the way we got to try out our new whisker pole. Also, the first mate got a chance to practice her light air sailing and tell-tale reading. Despite the recent downturns of the economy there was still evidence of new construction along the shores of the eastern shore. Despite the increased development there was an abundance of water birds (seagulls; geese; egrets; ducks) to be seen and heard.

19.1 NM



After a winter ashore that included lots of maintenance "Evergreen" was finally relaunched in mid-April. So now it is time for us to take her on a couple of shakedown cruises on the Chesapeake in anticipation of our longer summer trip north.

It took fifteen hours to drive up from Florida. Then we spent the first day in the marina reloading and organizing our gear. The weather was hot in the daytime but cool at night.

Today we set out for Dunn Cove. We had been there years ago but decided to check it out again. Our goal is to explore new anchorages at least 50% of the time. We were pushed up the Bay by southeast winds @ 15-20 knots. There were only four other boat in the normally crowded anchorage which was nice since a storm front was expected to come through. Dunn cove is now surrounded by expensive waterfront homes but we were still able to hear a whippoorwill during the evening.

30.5 NM