Sunday, May 18, 2008


SUNDAY - MAY 4, 2008

The wind was light so we spent part of the morning watching others try out their new boats for the first time while we had our coffee. It obviously was not all fun for them but its takes a while for a newly hatched bird to get its bearings.

Since the wind was only NW @ 5 - 10 knots we had a very lazy sail down the eastern shore to just behind Casson Point in Hudson Creek. Along the way we got to try out our new whisker pole. Also, the first mate got a chance to practice her light air sailing and tell-tale reading. Despite the recent downturns of the economy there was still evidence of new construction along the shores of the eastern shore. Despite the increased development there was an abundance of water birds (seagulls; geese; egrets; ducks) to be seen and heard.

19.1 NM

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