Saturday, June 30, 2007

Still High And Dry On The Hard

MAY 6TH 2007

This was supposed to be our first long weekend cruise of the season on the Chesapeake Bay. The weather is absolutely beautiful. Apparently it is still too early for most folks to venture out on the water since no one was out and about.

Unfortunately, our boat is still on the hard. The bottom has been prepped for the barrier coat and our new rudder is awaiting installation. So we spent the time looking over every inch of our new craft and taking countless measurements for projects to be completed at home.

It just wasn't the same sitting in the cockpit while on the hard but at least we got lots of needed chores done. Endless lists were made and more maintenance and upgrades arranged with the yard personel.

Better luck next time.

Thursday, June 28, 2007


April 2nd, 2007

Spring is upon us. Today we were sitting on our back porch enjoying the sights and sounds of nature. At the back of our property there is another property with a small barn with some goats and fowl. As we were sitting there we saw a very small fawn wandering across the pasture by itself. After waiting a while it disappeared behind the barn and no mother doe appeared. So we hopped over the fence to see what had become of the fawn. We finally found it hidden in a corner of the barn. It was very small and weak. Something must have happened to the mother. We tried to put it in with the goats to see if it would nurse but it was too scared.
So we carried it home and tried to find a home for it. The deer had not learned to be afraid of humans yet and all it wanted was a nipple to suck on.
Finally we found and delivered it to a wildlife hospital and sanctuary. There they either find another factility that is also raising a fawn or raise it themselves while keeping it isolated from any human contact. Eventually it will be released into the wild.