Saturday, April 19, 2008


DECEMBER 3 - 9, 2007

The first week in December is when our family conducts it's annual hunt to replenish our freezers for the year ahead. We are meat hunters - not trophy hunters. Every year we travel to New Jersey and hunt deer for an entire week. With the rapid "paving over of paradise" that is occurring in New Jersey the large populations of deer are becoming a danger and a nuisance. Therefore, their hunts allow the take of multiple deer in a season. The deer are usually fat from eating acorns and foraging in the corn fields. Consequently, the meat is not overly gamey while still retaining a mild "wild' flavor.

With the help of our resident guide and hunter we were able to process and freeze several deer for each of us to bring home and enjoy during the year to come. Venison is basically the only red meat that we eat. It is lower in fat, has no hormones, and is much more flavorful than the commercially sold red meats.

We have included photos for those of you who think that all we do is go out and sit in the woods and drink Starbucks coffee and read books.

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