Thursday, July 24, 2008


JULY 17TH, 2008

After three days at the marina we are finally heading out. What a relief!

First impressions:
The cool freshness of the early morning sea air.
The slow roll of the boat under our feet due to the wake of a fishing boat passing in the distance.
The swirl of schools of small bait fish just under the water surface.
The glimmer on the water of the morning sun still low in the sky.
The peacefullness of the early morning out on the water.
The calm hum of Mr. Perkins pushing us along.
The sunlight casting sparkling diamonds across our path.
Water boiling with bait fish being chased by larger fish.
Breeze tossed hair.
The grey outline of a container ship in the shipping channel.
Crab buoys bobbing like apples on the water.
Fluttering birds perching atop fish trap stakes.
The gentle rocking of the boat as we move along.
Delicate foam swirling around the boat like the fine lace of a fancy woman's petticoat.
Whitewashed light house station on the western shore of the bay brillant in the morning sun.

We travelled north on the Chesapeake Bay and finally anchored at Still Pond for the night.

69.1 NM

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