Thursday, August 7, 2008


JULY 28, 2008

As usual (for this rapid trip north) we set out early. Actually we did not know our destination at first but soon we figured that we could make it to Seguin Island with several hours of light remaining. It was a sunny day with light winds so we motored the majority of the time so that we could achieve our goal. Windjammers still anchor off the mouth of the Kennebec River near Seguin while waiting for a favorable tide to go up river or else to allow folks to visit Seguin Island.

Seguin Lighthouse is several miles off the Maine coast and is one of the oldest ones in the U.S.. It is now fully automated and is maintained by a nonprofit organization. During the summer months a caretaker and his family live there and give tours of the tower and museum. Caretakers are required to maintain a garden just as the light keepers of the past did.

59.7 NM

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