Friday, August 8, 2008


AUGUST 4TH, 2008

Time to get a move on it. We fueled up, and topped off our ice and water, and headed out around Bass Harbor Lighthouse to Opeechee (actually a group of three islands between Blue Hill Bay and East Penobscot Bay. This provides wonderful sunsets and great views.

Tomorrow we head for Canada (Nova Scotia). Unfortunately, you can only import one small bottle of alcohol per person on board. So we had to stash our stash (three months worth of wine and some assorted other alcohol). So as the pirates of the past did, we found a deserted island and concealed our treasure.

We finished the day sorting Canadian paper charts and reading cruising guides.

While in Canada we may not have internet or cell phone service but you can always check our location via the SPOT link listed under "Links".

14.6 NM


Tom/Grandy said...

Send me the coordinates of that stash and I will swing by Opechee and check on it for you!!

Anonymous said...

Hey, I recognize that island!! And I will be there post haste to snag your catch of vino!! Arrgghh!!