Tuesday, September 9, 2008


AUGUST 5TH, 2008

We set out at 6:00am (as soon as it got light enough to see the lobster pot buoys). We motored past the Swan Island ferry, down Blue Hill Bay, out past Swan Island, and towards Mt Desert Rock with its lighthouse, 15 miles off the coast.

It was a clear sunny day so we were still able to see the hills of Mt Desert Island thirty and forty miles out. We probably could have seen them even more distant, however, we got busy trying to sail whenever the wind seemed to pick up. Eventually we gave up and just motored.

We only encountered one large ship while crossing the Gulf of Maine.

During the night we rounded Cape Sable on the outside of the buoys to avoid the tide rips. It seemed that there were draggers (fishing boats) everywhere and often it was difficult to determine their heading. I'm sure being tired contributed to the difficulty. Sharon and I switched off steering while the other caught a nap.

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