Sunday, September 14, 2008


AUGUST 19TH, 2008

We woke to another beautiful, clear, bright blue day. Now we understand why some cruisers spend their whole summer on the "Lakes".

Wanting to get another perspective we paddled ashore and hiked up Lewis Mountain. Actually the "mountains" are no more than large hills. We had hopes of getting some panoramic views from the top. The trail (really a four wheeler trail) ran through woods and along a stream. Near the top it joined the Trans Canada Trail. We came across a nice little refuge (provided for Trans Canada backpackers) which had furniture and even a wood burning stove. Realizing that the "top" was covered with trees and that there were no views we wandered around and found lots of wild raspberries (Yum). Regardless of the lack of views it was a pretty walk and it was good to get off the boat for some exercise.

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