Thursday, September 18, 2008



We headed west across West Penobscot Bay to another group of islands. We usually anchor between High and Birch Islands. In the past when we sailed our Catalina 22 we would go far in between the islands due to our shallow draft, however, now we must anchor more in the open. A front was due to come through tonight and the wind was expected to go around the compass and get rather strong so we had to be extra careful today. After measuring the distances on our GPS we put our anchor directly in the middle of a 350 foot clear area and put out 135 foot of chain. After repeated evaluations of our situation we felt secure.

During the 1800s and early 1900s both High and Dix Islands were quarried for large granite blocks that were sent by sailing and steam ships to the cities of New York, Charleston, and Philadelphia for the construction of post offices and other large buildings. Consequently there is a large granite wharf on High Island where the blocks were loaded on ships.

When we arrived the tide was up so we went over to the wharf to explore. Later in the day things looked totally different.

As we attended our sunset celebration the storm front and a fog bank started to descend upon us.

8.3 NM

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