Tuesday, September 9, 2008


AUGUST 6TH, 2008

As the sun rose we were rounding Brazil Rock on the south west tip of Nova Scotia. There were sea birds, dolphins, seals, schools of fish, and whales everywhere.

We entered Shelburne Harbor, on the southwest coast, and passed as fleet of schooners. Later we found out the the yacht club we were headed for was sponsoring a schooner race week.

Upon entering our slip Sharon phoned Canadian customs and answered all the questions posed to her three times with the same and desired answers and was rewarded with a cruising permit number and a cheery best wishes. That done we both crashed until awakened by the return of the schooners.

That evening a couple of women, who owned one of the schooners, came to the top of the club where the bar was and performed Celtic music. They were called the Schooner Band and one played the harp and the other the fiddle. It was fantastic! What a pleasant reward after the long crossing. Alexander Kieth's Ale could not have tasted better.

181.7 NM in 30 Hr & 45 Min

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