Wednesday, September 10, 2008


AUGUST 10TH, 2008

Today we set out to explore the Atlantic coast of Nova Scotia.

As we were motoring out of the harbor we were suddenly intercepted by two large black high powered inflatables with several men in uniform in each one. We had phoned customs, had been issued a cruising permit, and the boat was squeaky clean so we had nothing to worry about. A Royal Mounted Canadain Police officer boarded our boat and was apologetic for holding us up. Despite his nearly nauseating pleasantness and reassurances he never the less reviewed all our papers and asked us several times our personal information and where we had come from and our planned destination (we are convinced that they do this to make sure you come up with the same answer every time). I guess we appeared innocent enough because he took his leave after about 15 minutes without searching our boat.

We continued northeast along the coast passing several lighthouses and even a lobster boat perched on top of a rocky island. Unfortunately, one can not go right next to the shore because there are some many rocks off shore. Inshore, in many of the bays you often see aquaculture sites where they cultivate mussels and assorted fish such as salmon.

We finished the day by anchoring near Carter's beach. Nova Scotia is mostly rock so a beach is a big deal to the locals.

50.2 NM

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