Wednesday, September 10, 2008


AUGUST 11TH, 2008

I have attached a sketch of the Canadian Maritimes for those of you who are not familiar with the area. Remember that you can double click on any photo to make it full screen.

Today we headed up the coast to Lunenburg. It is one of the larger cities on the Nova Scotia coast. In recent years it has been extensively refurbished and has become a rather quaint tourist attraction. Originally Lunenburg was settled by French farmers. Then in the mid 1700s the British imported an assortment of European settlers. Over the years Lunenburg suffered from attacks by both Indians and privateers. For many years, schooners and vessels for the Grand Banks fisheries had their principal depot at Lunenburg. Modern American yacht racing has its roots here. The schooners from the Banks used to race each other to port to off load their catch as rapidly as possible. The famous "Bluenose" was built and manned here. Unfortunately, the fisheries have gone into steep decline, but Lunenburg has done well to hold on to what inshore fishing there is and has made the town attractive to many tourists.

42.8 NM

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