Saturday, September 13, 2008


AUGUST 17TH, 2008

Not to be deterred, today we started out in the rain but were finally rewarded with the usual "mix" of sun and clouds in the afternoon.

We continued on up the coast and passed across the Canso shipping lanes, past Isle Madame, and on to St. Peter's Canal and Lock (our doorway to the Bra D'Or Lakes).

The lock was a single lock, run by Parks Canada due to its historic importance. It originally opened in 1869. Prior to that vessels were pulled on skids, over this narrow strip of land by ox team. At the time it was called "Haulover Isthmus".

After passing through the lock and swing bridge we were in the Bra D'Or Lakes. The lakes do have two other small openings to the sea so they are not lakes in the true sense of the word. There is said to be minimal fog on the Lakes. They are very much like lakes in the hills of the Carolinas and Tennessee but on a bigger scale.

We found a couple of islands to anchor between for the night and watched a pretty sunset.

52.9 NM

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