Monday, September 15, 2008


AUGUST 30TH, 2008

We stayed at Shelburne due to strong winds out of the northwest predicted for tomorrow. We topped off our diesel (in anticipation of the crossing back over to Maine) and moved over to the yacht club dock. We also prepped our engine for the long crossing.

Since we were at the dock we were able to meet some really great cruisers who were heading south from the Great Lakes via the St. Lawrence and the Nova Scotia coast. We learned a lot about cruising from them and we shared our plans for the crossing to Maine (which were currently on hold due to weather). Cruisers are a great lot who always seem to come together for camaraderie and mutual assistance.

This weekend is also a holiday in Canada. As it turned out a pot luck picnic was being held this evening at the yacht club. It turned out to be quite an affair. Geri (the yacht club manager) once again out did himself and a good time was had by all.

We asked Geri what he is going to do this winter when work slows down. He said that he is going to go to Cuba to watch baseball where players still play because they love the game, instead of money, and he also enjoys seeing all the old cars.

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