Monday, September 15, 2008



We were up at 5:00am and motoring out of Shelburne harbour by 6:00am. We flew down the southwest coast with double reefed main and yankee up in 25 - 30 knot winds. We should have only had the yankee up. Oh well that is how you learn. The swells seemed huge but we only started rounding up rarely as we surfed along. We rounded Brazil Rock off Cape Sable and continued on around the outside buoys while the seas calmed behind the Cape and the wind moderated. Northwest of Blond Rock the winds calmed enough that we had to start motoring to keep our speed up. Luckily I had sorted out all the pieces of the Autohelm unit yesterday and assembled the necessary ones. We turned it on for the first time and it actually worked. Needless to say Autohelm did the steering for the rest of the trip. The sun set on fairly calm conditions and we continued to motor through the night towards Mt. Desert Island. Later in the night several cruise ships passed at a safe distance. Sharon and I did shifts alternating with sleeping and monitoring our course, the radar, and looking around every 10 minutes or so for undetected dangers.

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