Sunday, September 14, 2008


AUGUST 22ND, 2008

True to form, another bright sunny day.

We headed over the St. Peters Marina to resupply and take care of necessaries. St. Peters Marina is run by the Lyons Club and has everything and more than the fancy marinas back in the States have. On top of the they are dirt cheap, the town and supplies are only a couple of hundred yards away, and the people are very helpful and pleasant. We got diesel and water, did laundry, and went to town to replenish our depleted stores after obtaining money at the bank.

We met a transplanted Cape Cod'er on the dock who volunteered to take the time to discuss the entire coast of Nova Scotia and pointed out what he thought of the different locations. Then he and his wife invited us over to his boat for wine and snacks and much more interesting conversation. Talk about hospitality. The people of Nova Scotia get an A+ in our book.

5.3 NM

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