Tuesday, November 24, 2009


DAY #62 - SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 12th, 2009

We spent the day exploring the north end of Harbor Island, which turned out to be Very nice.

Chris and Sharon on the rocks along the shore.

Rocks everywhere, however, things still manage to grow.

This is the entrance to a natural cave that a person could take shelter in.

Even though the water looked calm from a distance, there was still quite a swell rolling in.

This is the trail leading inland.

Nature's balance: some things flourish while others return to their origins.

Low tide at the shore. There are about 8 - 12 foot tides here.

View from inside the cave. Come on Phil, it is time to return to the boat so that we can all attend "Prairie Home Companion" and Thistle and Shamrock" services.

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