Tuesday, November 3, 2009


DAYS 54 - 57 - SEPTEMBER 4th - 7th, 2009

Time for a road trip to Salem, Mass.. A family affair got us off the boat for several days and we got to explore a harbor that we normally would not visit with the boat.

Aside from the fact that Salem is known for the unjust witchcraft trials that occurred there, it was once a bustling seaport in the colonial era. Ships from Salem sailed all over the world trading their wares.

Many of the old, large homes along the harbor have been preserved as historical buildings.

Being a woman in Salem had its draw backs. If you were lucky enough not to be charged as witch, and you grew old, then they just placed you in a home for women only. But alas, actually men were also charged as witches, and they also were segregated into their own old folks home.

Since Salem was a busy port, of course they had to have a Custom House so that the appropriate taxes could be collected.

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