Tuesday, July 21, 2009


DAY 7 - SUNDAY, JULY 19TH, 2009

After fueling up we set out so that we would be at the Battery in New York at two hours after low water. This is done so that you ride the fast currents through the East River and Hells Gate at a favorable yet relatively slow and controlled rate.

The Statue Of Liberty was a gift from France in 1886.

It was Sunday and I think that everyone in the city was out on the water in every imaginable sort of craft. We even saw sailboats doing man-over-board drills right in the middle of New York Harbor with the ferries, etc going by. The only thing lacking in the picture was the usual police and coast guard boats every quarter mile - I think they must have all had the weekend off. The power boaters could not have been more rude and inconsiderate in the operation of their boats. Apparently there is nothing worse than and New Yorker behind the wheel of a power boat. They were downright dangerous. We will never go through New York on a weekend again.

Fortification at the entrance to the East River.

Let's have dinner on the water.

Every bridge on the East River is constructed in a different way.

We followed a double wide barge and tug into the East River.

This is Hells Gate. As you can tell from the photo we got there only a half hour too late and I bet those folks in the row boat wish they were somewhere else. As we passed them the barge was right behind us blowing its horn like mad to warn them to get out of the way. We took this photo just after getting a wave over the bow which was large enough to soak us in the cockpit.

We were only 1/2 hour late and yet the current was pushing us at 11.1 + knots (normal cruising speed is 6 knots).

This is the abandoned Riverside Hospital on North Brother Island (1885 - 1938). It was a quarantine facility and Typhoid Mary died here.

Leaving New York in the distance as we enter the west end of Long Island Sound.

Sunset at Oyster Bay.

A lobster man heading home with the sun.

We stopped for the night at Oyster Bay.

52.7 NM


ddittorn said...

I just love when you take the picture of the Statue of Liberty from your boat!! It is gorgeous!!!

Anonymous said...

Very Interesting!
Thank You!