Thursday, December 20, 2007


OCTOBER 20, 2007

After the cold front a strong west/northwest wind was predicted. Since we were very low on supplies and still had about ten more days on the Bay we decided to return to our home marina in Solomons (where our truck is parked) and totally reprovision.

We rose with the sun and got an early start with coffee in hand. We motored down the Chester River to give the motor a chance to charge the batteries. We were passed by a motorized work boat of times past and we also passed by several fish traps set to catch the fish flooding in and out of the river.

As we turned south on the Bay we set out sails and headed under the bridge. It was a beautiful day with favorable winds. During our easy sail south we passed: several different lighthouses including Thomas Point & Cove Point lights; tall ships; both naval ships and recreational sailing vessels off Annapolis; merchant ships; and docks for off loading oil. We were followed down the Bay by countless "snow bird" cruisers taking advantage of the favorable wind.

With the sun settling toward the horizon we dropped our sails and slid into our slip in Solomons. Another great day of sailing --- this is what we live for.

66.2 NM

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