Thursday, December 20, 2007


OCTOBER 17, 2007

Now that we are back in our home waters, on the Chesapeake Bay, we can relax. We have until the end of the month before we have to start thinking about returning to work. So today was a relaxed day --- no set goals or destinations to achieve. We will just go where the wind blows.

Unfortunately, we woke to a calm morning, not even a breath of wind. The only activity was a solitary man tending a dozen or so portable crab pots and the occasional barge passing in the distance.

So hauled our anchor and motored south until a light breeze came up. We have found that we have the motor about an hour a day anyway in order to keep the batteries fully charged. We did some light air tacking down the Bay while most everyone motored past us.

Shortly before sunset we found ourselves opposite Still Pond, on the upper eastern shore of the Bay. A flock of "snow bird" cruisers were pulling in there so we decided to follow.

No one actually went up into Still Pond Creek. We all anchored in the Bay outside the entrance. It turned out to be very open (with nice views) and yet quite protected from most directions. All the "snow birds" apparently knew each other and they all gathered on one boat for sunset festivities and dinner. That was really neat.

19.8 NM

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