Thursday, December 20, 2007


OCTOBER 18, 2007

We woke to dense fog. Initially we could not even see the other boats anchored nearby. This made for a rather lazy and pleasant start to the day as everyone waited for the fog to burn off

Good wind predicted for today. A strong cold front predicted for tomorrow so we have to find a sheltered anchorage since the wind will go around the compass and be strong all the while.

We tacked south on the Bay in 5 to 25 knot winds before turning up the Chester River. At the mouth of the Chester River we passed condo developments with helicopters flying overhead but we continued up river to get away from it all. Soon the helicopters were replaces by Canadain Geese migrating. After a nice run during the sunset and into the dark of the night we felt our way into the Corsica River where we anchored for the night in front of the Russian Embassy recreational compound (a beautiful large estate on the shore).

A great day & night of sailing --- we didn't want to stop.

51.2 NM

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