Sunday, July 26, 2009


DAY #13 - SATURDAY, JULY 24TH, 2009

Now that the wind had finally relaxed a bit we set out north on Massachusetts Bay for Isles of Shoals. They are a group of nine islands six miles off of Portsmouth. Four of the islands are in New Hampshire and five are in Maine. We set are anchor in New Hampshire but the boat ended up on the Maine side of the line. Once a resort, the community on Star Island is now owned by the Unitarian Church.

On the way to Isles of Shoals, we saw several whales but it always seems to be impossible to get pictures of them.

It was a pleasure to be back among the colorful lobster boats.

This boat is not far from the place it was named after (Boston Whaler).

One often has the opportunity to see wonderful sunsets from this harbor. The icing on the cake was being able to once again listen to one of our favorite radio shows, Thistle and Shamrock, as the sun set.

66.5 NM

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Laurie said...

What beautiful sunsets! I want to see a Lobster, show me the Lobster! miss you Laurie