Saturday, October 31, 2009


DAY #51 - TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 1st, 2009

Lunt Harbor and Lunt Lobster Company dock in the morning light.

Today we decided to explore the trails along the south and north shores of Long Island.

Note the darker band of rock sandwiched in the middle of the rest of the rock.

Eastern cove can be seen beyond the neck to Richs Head.

Cobblestone beach on the west side of the neck to Richs Head.

On the return trek we passed across an old beaver pond.

Views from the north shore of Long Island.

Windjammer with Blue Hill in the distance.

Island philosophies.

Lobster boats at the dock signal the end of a work day.

Note that there is now two lines of lobster boxes in the water next to "Evergreen".

Some lobstermen do their sorting on floats in the middle of the harbor. Often lobstering is a family affair now a days. Take note of the kids in the run about and the dog on the float.

Sunset at the harbor.

One of the "island cats".

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