Saturday, October 31, 2009


DAY # 50 - MONDAY, AUGUST 31st,2009

We woke to a beautiful clear day with fog just over the surface of the water in places.

Mt. Desert in the distance.

So let's go for a hike. We decided to explore the trails along west shore of the island. This is the view of "Evergreen" and Lunt Harbor as we set out.

More views of Mt Desert.

The west shore of Long Island, Maine.

The sea was still rather churned up from the storm a few days ago.

The sea is a part of everyones life on the island.

Back at the dock the lobster boats are coming in and the sorting has begun.

"Evergreen" hanging on her mooring. Note the long line of lobster storage boxes floating in the water. Those are the result of only a partial day of work.

The man who holds the reins of the Lunt Lobster Company.

Wooden traps are a thing of the past.

Sharon is getting ready to walk off a lobster feast.

Many of the houses have graves in their yards.

Another reminder that the sea is not far.

This is the view from the ferry terminal as the sun was setting.

Check out the windvane on the church.

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