Friday, October 30, 2009


DAY #47 - FRIDAY, AUGUST 28th, 2009

Another bright sunny day. You would never know a storm was on the way.

We landed on Hay Island for a little exploring.

"Evergreen" at anchor - waiting for the storm.

Nothing to do but wait - so let's go paddling and exploring. Philip rowed the dinghy and Sharon paddled her kayak.

We decided to circumnavigate Penobscott Island.

We rode the falling tide out to Winter Harbor and then rode the rising tide up to the top of Winter Harbor.

The views were great from a hill at the top of Winter Harbor.

While exploring we came across numerous pieces of granite rock art.

Our dinghy and kayak awaiting our return now that the tide was high enough for us to pass around the top of Penobscott Island.

Back at the boat we applied the cover, that Sharon had made, to the dinghy so that the dinghy would not fill with water during the storm.

The calm before the storm.

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