Tuesday, August 14, 2007


AUGUST 6, 2007

Time is needed to explore Harbor Island and bad weather is predicted for later in the day so we stayed at Harbor & Hall today.

Harbor Island is also the home of all our fairies and trolls that live with us year round and help us with assorted tasks (and also create a great deal of trouble at times). So of course we had to give them each a ration of rum or wine and send them on shore leave.

We walked around the island along the shore and then back through the woods since the storms were approaching. When passing through the woods we spotted several fairy huts but unfortunately many were is a state of disrepair. I believe the Davis family has not been around enough to assist with their construction and the fairies are almost always too drunk.

We got back on the boat just in time for a pretty significant storm. It poured rain and the wind gusted to 30+ knots. Several boat dragged anchor in the harbor.

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