Tuesday, August 21, 2007


AUGUST 18, 2007

As the end of a cold front passed through in the morning we went ashore and gathered mussels at low tide.

With winds NW 20-30 knots we had a brisk day tacking between the islands South of Stonington and on across East Penobscott Bay to Seal Bay. Our Cape Dory 36 proved herself well in the heavier air with a single reefed mainsail and just her stay sail. We did over 7 knots regularly and the entire system was well balanced and handled the conditions with ease.

Seal Bay is considered a hurricane hole even though it is quite large. Unlike most people we always anchor right in the middle so that we have good views of the surroundings and the sunsets.

While watching the sunset we steamed our mussels, sipped wine, and listened to "A Prairie Home Companion" and "Thistle & Shamrock" radio shows which are a "must do" Saturday evening activity while in Maine.

14 NM

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Kevin&Sherrie said...

Hey you guys!!

It looks like ya'll are having a cool blast! (With the emphasis on "COOL") !!!
Wish we were there with you!!!!

K & S