Wednesday, August 15, 2007


AUGUST 10, 2007

After exploring High Island we set out for the White Islands on the East side of West Penobscott Bay. We stopped momentarily and caught about fourteen mackerel using jigs (they seem to be increasingly hard to find each year but when you do, you catch a bucket full in no time).

When we moved on we came across a rocky island covered with seals. Then we continued on to the White Islands.

The White Islands are actually a group of four islands with which are divided by a deep water cut down the middle. The current in the cut reverses with each tide change so two anchors must be deployed to limit boat swing and dragging. The islands were originally owned by Charles Lindbergh and Anne Morrow but they donated them to the Nature Conservancy. You can explore these islands and you occasionally see a Hurricane Island Outward Bound student doing their solo experience on the islands.

We particularly like the White Islands because you feel far from civilization and also have fantastic views of the sunsets over the blue hills of Camden in the distance.

8.8 NM

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