Friday, October 12, 2007


OCTOBER 1, 2007

Happy October. A time of transition.

Today started out with a bang. We rose early and walked to the grocery store to renew our provisions. While in the store there was a big bang outside and the ground shook. We paid for our supplies and loaded ourselves down like mules and headed back through town to the marina. There were police, firemen, and emergency vehicles everywhere blocking the streets. It turned out that a building had blown up and was leveled. No it was not a terrorist. Apparently there had been a gas leak that had caused the blast.

Since marinas have check out times like motels we stowed our supplies and after refueling we motored out of Portland harbor and headed south around Cape Elizabeth to Seal Cove in the shelter of Richmond Island.

While waiting for the sun to set we decided to try jigging for mackerel. We got lucky and caught ten of them. We were lucky today but fishing sure isn't what it was in past years.

11 NM

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