Friday, October 12, 2007


OCTOBER 2, 2007

We woke to a hazy, foggy day. Since the wind was limited and right on our nose we motored to Isle of Shoals (offshore along the border between Maine & New Hampshire). We could not believe that the harbor was nearly empty. It had been packed to capacity the last time we were there.

About two hours into the trip we noticed that once again our voltage meter was pegged. What's up with this recurrent problem (2nd occurrence). It was the exact same malfunction as the first time. Luckily, our home port marina had mailed us a replacement Balmar voltage regulator for the first one that had gone bad. We could not figure out the problem so since they are just "plug & play" parts we switched out the faulty one for the new replacement. Pesto - everything was back to normal and functioning properly. Hard to believe yet we sure were glad that we had the spare.

40.7 NM

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