Friday, October 19, 2007


OCTOBER 14, 2007

We got up in the early morning and after checking all the sources for current and predicted weather conditions we set off in the dark. We rounded Sandy Hook and set our course down the Atlantic along the Jersey coast. We motored until mid morning when the wind finally got strong enough to move the boat under sail faster than we were motoring. The rest of the day was a wonderful sled ride down the Jersey coast on relatively calm water with 15 - 20+ knot winds. With local information obtained from the local SeaTow captain we entered Absecon Inlet (Atlantic City) and entered Rum Cove (on the east side of the inlet) without difficulty. We found a whole fleet of "snow bird" cruisers already anchored there.

While sailing down the New Jersey coast we saw our first pelican and many schools (or is it pods) of southern style porpoises playing together. We also saw hundreds of private fishing boats with millions of dollars worth of boats and gear but we did not see a single person catch a fish. We tried trolling without any luck.

84.3 NM

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