Sunday, August 16, 2009


DAY #26 - FRIDAY, AUGUST 7TH, 2009

Hurricane Island Outward Bound has an outpost on Cross Island. "Pulling Boats" are the only means of transportation for the students.

Cross Island is nearly completely forested and the forest floor is covered with moss.

We set out and crossed the island to an inlet on the south shore.

The south coast is very rocky due to its exposure.

The Hurricane Island students have set out in their pulling boat. They are riding the current down the coast. They look very small in the hand of mother nature.

The students learn to do everything that needs to be done on the boat. When there is not enough wind they row.

On the trail back to the boat we came across a sign showing the way back to the old coast guard station.

Back on the boat, we caught a last glimpse of the sunset before the mosquitoes drove us below.

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