Friday, August 7, 2009


DAY #19 - FRIDAY, JULY 31ST, 2009

Today was to be a day of hiking so we started out through the woods.

First we hiked up Valley Peak.

The cliffs of Valley Peak overlook the cove below where our boat was anchored.

Then we hiked the ridge past St. Sauveur Peak and on to Man O War Brook. In the past sailing ships would tie up near the brook and replenish their water stores.

As we climbed Acadia Mountain we had good views of Sommes Sound and Valley Cove.

After a long hard climb we finally reached the top of Acadia Mountain (Cordie's Mountain) but we were lucky to avoid injury because we climbed it in reverse (we climbed up the steep side and walked down the more gradual side).

As a reward for doing a long walk that involved three peaks in one day we decided to have a lobster and clam dinner at Beal's. It started to pour rain so we broke down and took the free shuttle bus to SW Harbor.

There we were rewarded with large yummy lobster plus all the extras.

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Laurie said...

OMG! those are the bigget lobsters I have ever seen! To Cool, didn't know they made them that big. Laurie