Thursday, August 13, 2009


DAY #25 - AUGUST 6TH, 2009

Roque Island is one of over eight islands that form an archipelago off the coast of Maine near Jonesport (down east).

Our baby, a Cape Dory Cutter, enjoying the fairly sheltered anchorage off of Great Beach.

One of the big "draws" to this area is the sandy beach which is over a mile long.

Assorted washed and polished rocks along the shore.

Each end of the beach terminates abruptly at small rocky cliffs which rise out of the water.

Four species of seals can be seen along the coast of Maine. The most common are Harbor seals. Others include: Harp, Gray, and Hooded seals. In the wild seals live 15 - 30 years.

Due to federal protection measures the seal population has been steadily rebounding for several years. When at anchor you can often hear them barking and "talking" nearby.

After walking the beach we hauled our anchor and set out.

The islands in this part of the world come in all shapes and sizes.

As the sunset we anchored in Northeast Harbor, at Cross Island (one of our favorite places - but we have many favorite places in Maine). The island was previously owned by Tom Cabot of Boston but he gave most of the large island to the Nature Conservancy with the exception of the old coast guard station which he gave the the Hurricane Island Outward Bound School to use as a base. There are many wonderful trails on the island which can only be accessed by private boat.

13.6 NM

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