Monday, August 17, 2009


DAY #29 - AUGUST 10TH, 2009

One of our favorite experiences, in Maine, is to be welcomed ashore by the sweet smell of wild roses. Today we decided to hike the trails of the Cutler Coast Preserve.

Wildflowers were to be found everywhere.

Lichen of every imaginable type grow throughout the woods.

The only thing missing from this inland lake was a moose.

Wild flowers everywhere - even along the coast.

The fog had been thick all day but it started to lift just as we reached the coast.

The Bold Coast.

Seagulls at ease despite the water crashing nearby.

One can't take too many photos of this coast. Sharon, take the camera away from me.

The coast trail was very easy to follow despite its being on the edge of small cliffs in many places.

Back at the Cutler harbor, several new sailboats had come in. One fellow, from Jersey, England, had just made the crossing solo by way of Greenland and Iceland.

Towards late afternoon the fog started to roll back in.

Since the fog was coming in off the sea we still had a brilliant evening.


JERRY said...

Living & Loving life. The Bold Coast photos were great. I'm just watching the deer & turkeys walking around my yard. Be safe, I know how you are. Jer

Laurie said...

The photos of the coast and trails are like walking in a fairytail. They do exsit! Thanks for sharing. Miss you Laurie