Wednesday, August 5, 2009


DAY #17 - WEDNESDAY, JULY 29TH, 2009

The "Mary Day" getting an early start before the wind. Note the "push boat".

The "Mary Day" drops anchor in order to take time to explore Sheep Island while another windjammer sets out in the distance.

The fog varies from "pea soup" to low clouds rolling over the hills of Mt. Desert Island.

Valley Cove in Sommes Sound, the only fjord on the East Coast.

High precipitation this summer has benefited the flowers which are common in Maine.

The "Rachael B. Jackson" is preparing to set out on a day trip despite the fog. An old fashion rowing dory also setting out.

"Will not work for food".

Finally, our first clams and lobster of the season at Beal's, our favorite lobster dock.

More flowers seen on the way back to the boat in the dark.

18.2 NM

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