Sunday, July 29, 2007


JULY 24, 2007

Our new regulator arrived on time and Eric our repair tech. surprised us by coming in to work unexpectedly and he double checked our installation and made sure there were no other problems. New Bedford has a very interesting breakwater across the mouth of the bay. You enter and leave via a small opening that has a large gates that are closed when a storm (such as a hurricane) approaches.
So off we went --- bound for Provincetown via the Cape Cod Canal. The Cape Cod Canal is another waterway about which a lot has been written regarding both natural and man made problems.
However, even though the tide was not perfect for us we went through without any complications or difficulty. We crossed Cape Cod Bay and anchored in Provincetown harbor. Provincetown is easily identified from a distance by the Pilgrim Monument.

Today, in Cape Cod Bay, we saw our first small seal. Speaking of wildlife, on July 14th, when we were leaving Deleware Bay and sailing North along the coast we saw a huge sea turtle. It was by far the biggest one I have ever seen. I had never heard of them being as far North as Deleware (I thought they were confined to warmer waters).

52.8 NM

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