Sunday, July 29, 2007


JULY 20, 2007

Today we set out for the top of Buzzards Bay (just below the neck of Cape Cod). We were motoring due to the great distance we had to cover before the sun set. However, about two hours after hauling anchor we noticed that our alternator was charging at maximum voltage and we were at risk of cooking our batteries. After repeatedly evaluating our NEW alternator, voltage regulator, and battery system we could find no obvious faults so we had to shut the engine down. We proceeded to look for a fairly open bay that we could sail into easily (remember there are rocks and tidal currents everywhere). After calling our home marina we were told that if we unplugged the alternator from the regulator we could use the motor as long as the batteries had enough juice. So we sailed for a good part of the day up into Buzzards Bay and headed for New Bedford due to its easy access. Of course it is Friday so nothing will be looked at until after the weekend. We obtained dockage at a marina which promised to evaluate our electrical problems first thing Monday. It so happened that we tied up right in front of a dragger call "Evergreen" (same name as our boat).

61.8 NM

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