Monday, July 30, 2007


JULY 26, 2007

After slipping our mooring line we headed "East" again (the coast of Maine runs more East than North so they call it going "Down East"). Today we saw many schools of very large fish feeding on the surface. They looked a little like tuna but we are not sure what they were. We dug out our fishing poles and trolled through several schools with a variety of lures but did not have any hits. We saw our first Guillemots (very small black and white water birds that have bright red feet). We decided to anchor behind Richmond Island because it provides protection from the prevailing southwest wind and is only seven miles South of Portland.

We arrived late in the afternoon but there was still one lobster man working in his small boat. Lobster men usually call it quits in the early afternoon so they can get their catch to market. We went straight for him and purchased our first four Maine lobster. As we tried to go over an anchor we found our transmission would not shift gears. Ultimately frustrated all we could do was laugh since we have had so many problems thus far this trip. However, it was a simple fix (that I could even do) and soon we were back in working order.
To celebrate our arrival in Maine and the fact that we were close the Portland on time we steamed the lobster and feasted on all four of them while drinking wine and watching the sunset.

41.7 NM

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Laurie said...

HI guys, I love the boat and the sunsets. Eat a lobster for me! I love reading the blog. Keep it up. Laurie