Thursday, July 19, 2007


SUNDAY, JULY 15, 2007

We headed back out into the ocean and turned North towards Sandy Hook, NJ.. We sailed for several hours (tacking downwind) with our new spinnaker. Eventually, we decided that considering the great distance we had to travel today, we snuffed the spinnaker and continued on a more direct route motoring with the assist of the main sail.

Wind in the AM was 5-10. PM winds were predicted to be 10-15 with gusts to 20. So we continued on with the full main in an effort to maximize our speed. However, after a few hours we found ourselved traveling 9 knots through the water and our wind indicator was frequently registering 20 knots. This meant the wind was at least 29 knots and we still had our full main sail up (way too much sail). The seas grew rapidly and soon started to look like small hills. We found our 36ft boat surfing down swells. Exhillerating at first but soon it became no fun. Finally we were forced to take down the main and motor on. Boy that was a wild ride! At long last we rounded Sandy Hook and headed into Atlantic Highland marina.


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