Monday, July 30, 2007


JULY 29, 2007

Tomorrow Peter & Dave fly in. As it turned out, the 70% chance of rain had disappeared and it was a bright sunny day. So we spent the day walking around the city doing shopping and back at the marina doing chores. We were on our way for our second trip to the grocery store when a neighbor offered to give us a lift tomorrow morning. It did not take long for us to take her up on this generous offer since we were probably going to have to make several more trips on foot.


Anonymous said...

Hey... did I tell you that I hate you?? Thanks for the E-mail letting me know what you are up to. I'll add it to my favorites. I took the time to start from the beginning and it sounds just like the first adventure we went on. The small problems, batten flying out into the ocean, head getting clogged up, water pump failing... The usual.

I hope (and know) that whatever happens you will be just fine and this will never be forgotten. I was sorry to read about your granddaughter. That must have been terrible.

I'll keep watching, hope you learn to fish!!

All the best,


Jeff M. said...

Thanks for the link to your blog.
Its a very interesting read!
Best of luck on your adventure, and I'll look forward to keeping track of you.
Jeff M.

Anonymous said...

Phil and Sharon--thank you for sharing your blog site with me. I have never 'blogged" before--your web site is beautiful. And didn't get time to go through most of it, but looked a the first few days. Fairlee Bay on the Chesapeake caught my attention. My family lived near Chestertown, Md. for a couple of years when I was in junior high school. The small (a few rooms only) school in the country I originally attended was named Fairlee--perhaps the same area? Hope you are having a grand time- be safe and healthy! Randi (work still busy most days and we miss you!)

Jeff M. said...

Hi Guys,
Thank you for letting me know of your blog. I am looking forward to following your adventures.
Best wishes for a wonderful cruise!
Take care,

Anonymous said...

I am absolutely mesmerized by your adventures. For new bloggers, you are unbelievably fabulous!! I cannot wait for more. The pictures are just magnificent. I have always said I wanted a sail boat one I know for sure. I am anxiously waiting for Dave to come home so I can share the site and picutres. Be careful...have a blast...P.S. Phil has great legs!!!! Miss you both...Ditto