Monday, July 30, 2007


JULY 28, 2007

Rain, fog, and thunderstorms are predicted for the next three or four days so we decided to go in to Portland a day early. When we awoke we were surrounded by "pea soup' fog --- could not even see the other boats anchored around us. With three GPS units and all our senses on high alert we set out in the fog for Portland. As usual when we entered the harbor the fog partially burned off so we were able to see the forts at the entrance and all the traffic moving about.

South Port Marina is a very crowded marina with mostly large live aboard yachts. Our slip looked much too small from a distance for this inexperienced skipper and his clumsy boat to enter. But with much luck we made it in without scratching any of the other shiny boats. Within an hour of getting in the thunder storms moved in --- boy, we sure timed that right.

The first thing we did was call Peter & Dave and let them know that we had arrived and were waiting for them.

12.1 NM

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