Sunday, July 1, 2007

Finally - We Get Our Feet Wet

JUNE 1ST, 2007

We finally got the report and the extensive refitting of our "new to us" Cape Dory 36, "Evergreen" was complete and the boat was ready to got sailing.

Of course we jumped at the idea and decided to do a long weekend on the Chesapeake Bay as a shake down for this summer/fall cruise to Maine. As luck would have it we had to spend the first couple of days in the Marina working out unexpected problems and getting accustomed to our new home on the water. Then we set out with no particular destination in mind. The weather was beautiful (not too hot and a moderate breeze).
One of the first boats we saw on the Bay was an old Skipjack with a push boat hanging from her stern. Wanting to try out our new cruising spinnaker, we sailed North with the wind as the sun decended towards the horizon. The sun disappeared and the stars came out, but we just kept going and finally ducked into a protected cove we saw on the GPS. It was not until morning that we actually figured out where we were. The following day we sailed back towards Solomons. Along the way we passed a picturesque old light house on cove point and also played tag with a tall ship heading down the bay.

Only two days of wonderful sailing, but it was worth it! We tried out lots of the new gear and gained an increased appreciation for our new vessel. Of course, the sail resulted in more "to do" lists being made in anticipation of our new getaway.

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