Friday, August 7, 2009


DAY #21 - SUNDAY, AUGUST 2ND, 2009

We have been unable to harvest any mussels, as of yet, due to "Red Tide". However, we learned that many of the upper bays are open to harvesting, so today we set out for Flander's Bay (just off of Frenchman's Bay). Visibility was only about 25 yards, most of the time, due to fog, however we still had a good sail up the bay, through Bar Harbor, and over to Hog Island, in Flander's Bay. Apparently the tour boats were not deterred by the limited visibility.

We arrived an hour after low tide yet that still allowed us to hop into the dinghy for a row ashore. The shore at Hog Island is solid mussels so it only took a few minutes to gather a bucket full. Back at the boat we triple checked that areas that were open to harvesting and then the mussels were quickly put into the steamer. We were not disappointed by the results.

24.2 NM

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sengbranch said...

Hi guys looks like a ton of fun!! I woke up this morning remembering my summer cruise, what a great feeling to be out traveling by water. Hope you guys have lots more adventure, fair weather and plenty of safe anchorages. - chase