Thursday, September 6, 2007



Another clear, crisp day with wind 15 - 25+ knots. We could not ask for much more.

We sailed East past many beautiful islands with colorful rocky shores. Many had seals basking on the rocks.

Our ultimate destination today was a beach. Can you believe it? Here we are (folks from Florida) searching for a beach in Maine. Great Beach on Roque Island is a cruising destination of most people on these waters. We had heard countless tales and read volumes about this wonder. Admittedly a little skeptical we decided that we should see this beach that everyone recommended.

Well, I must admit Great Beach is a fantastic place. It is a mile long sand beach (sand as good as any in Florida) at the top of a bay surrounded by a hilly Maine island with otherwise rocky shores. The water is crystal clear and the beach is washed clean every 12 hours due to the 12 foot tides.

There were only four other cruising sailboats in the harbor and we even saw deer tracks on the beach at one end.

As we were walking down the beach one cruiser said: "Yes this is a great place - to bad we all eventually have to leave". This is indeed a place that you do not want to leave. It is a mixture of remote Maine and some South seas island.

25.2 NM

PS: We have included as many photos as possible in this blog in an effort to allow everyone to get a sense of what we are seeing. Just click on the photos to enlarge them to full screen size.

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