Friday, September 14, 2007



Time to go exploring this last outpost in our trek East. We read about several trails in the area.

So we went ashore and walked around the small town of Cutler and then set out down the road to find the trails. We did not find the trails we had read about, however, at the end of the road we found some sort of Preserve or Park trail that continued on through the mostly pine forest and on to the rocky shore of the ocean. After many miles we ended up at a place called "Fairy Head". As we walked through the forest it did indeed seem to be enchanted and a perfect habitat for fairies, trolls, and other woods creatures.

Even though it is late in the season there still are many wild flowers. The apple and cherry trees are ready to drop their fruit. We may have even seen a hint of color in the tree leaves.

Back at the harbor the lobster men were busy loading their boats with traps and off loading lobsters to the truck for shipment to the wholesale market.

Later in the afternoon a flock of Canadian Geese flew in. Is this another possible sign of cold winter around the corner or just our escort for our journey South.

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