Friday, September 28, 2007


SEPTEMBER 17, 2007

We headed over to Northeast Harbor to take some long awaited hot showers and see if we could do some reprovisioning.

It is late in the season so there are significantly fewer boats in the harbor and we purchased nearly the last of their block ice. Since the beginning of the month the schedule of the free island buses had been cut way back so venturing by bus far from the harbor was limited to the middle of the day. We hiked up the hill to the small grocery store in town which by mid afternoon had closed up their meat and deli counter. Generally the prices were ridiculously high so we decided to look elsewhere. Previously, we had always used Northeast Harbor as our primary base of operations in the area, but we had always had ground transportation to get to Ellsworth where all the major stores and services are. Now that we are mostly limited to boat transportation we will have to look elsewhere.

We spent the remainder of the day walking about the town and paddling around the harbor.

5.7 NM

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